TCG’s Tactical Data Link Products

Advancing Secure Communications for the Battlefield

At TCG, we know the complex communications challenges faced by the military. In addition to dealing with the inherent message complexities of Link 11, Link 16, SADL, VMF and other military data link protocols, solutions today need to interoperate across service and national boundaries and standards. Successful tactical data link (TDL) integration, testing, training and operational deployment are critical to creating secure, interoperable, jam-resistant communications in the air, on the ground and on the sea, among and between joint and coalition partners.

Helping global defense organizations and the major defense contractors that serve these organizations deliver standards-compliant, reliable, highly cost-effective TDL solutions for the global TDL marketplace is what TCG is all about. Our comprehensive portfolio of TDL testing, training and battlefield operations software solutions provides the warfighter proven, tested multi-link communications to optimize their performance and mission effectiveness. TCG offers these solutions within its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions product line which minimize the time and effort required to build, integrate, test, train and deploy effective and affordable TDL-based military systems.

TCG’s industry leading products include:

LinkPRO ®

TCG LinkPRO is a suite of software components that provide a configurable front-end data link processor (DLP) for implementing TDLs in advanced military communications platforms. Using LinkPRO, major defense contractors and ground C2 systems providers can now easily embed high fidelity tactical data link capabilities into their systems and solutions and deliver standards-compliant TDL operational solutions to customers across the globe.

Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS ®)

A "gold standard" in the military test and platform integration industry, BOSS is the top-selling military standards-compliant TDL simulation and test software solution on the market today. With BOSS, government test organizations, major prime defense contractors and systems providers and military R&D organizations are now able to reliably and consistently certify TDL implementations to assure interoperability and conformance with all existing and evolving military standards. TCG’s BOSS testing solution allows these organizations to easily perform pre-operational testing to increase timeliness of deliveries and reduce development risks and costs related to non-conforming, embedded tactical data link implementations within systems and platforms. With BOSS, these organizations are also able to simulate complexities related to multiple tactical data link networks, thereby optimizing test programs and test efficacy. When TDL testing is needed, the world turns to the BOSS.

Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS ®)

TCG's GTS solution is a complete, real time TDL training and simulation system. Using GTS, military pilots and C2 operators can now easily create live operational Link 11/16/SADL/DIS networks from the ground and provide highly efficient, cost-effective and realistic TDL training, allowing operators to "train as they fight."